Graubuenden - Switzerland

Our parabolic microphones

We offer the BEST parabolic microphones in the world. Our long-distance, air-to-air audio listening instruments have allowed us to gather sharp evidence we are offering you probably the finest and most powerful devices in the world for professional remote audio surveillance as well as professional remote listening applications.

The Spectradome G-series parabolic microphones come from a steady R&D process which lasted four years and represent the results of our efforts: these parabolic microphones are second-best to no other similar product when it comes to performance, reliability and ease of use.
Althought the limitations imposed by the laws of physics will remain impassable, our microphones will push you close to the limit like never before.

Two different models, each one available in two different versions will perfectly suit and satisfy your remote listening needs: in this website we have provided a lot of written, audio and visual information to uncontestedly show our potential customers how good our products are, how reliably they behave and why they can be considered just the best choice for your money.