G-PKS PRO EX professional parabolic microphone

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Professional long-range parabolic microphone for human voice frequencies with special laptop computer and accessories



The G-PKS PRO EX parabolic microphone is a professional portable parabolic microphone for long range listening of speech as well as human voice conversations.

All the microphone components have been manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the industry and the parabolic microphone system design has been specifically taylored to suit human voice listening, monitoring and recording purposes: parabolic microphone electronics are specifically gauged to deliver the highest possible sensitivity when listening to human voice frequencies.

In comparison with the standard G-PKS PRO, the advanced “EX” version offers the following unprecedented features:

  • full suite of accessories included, including a professional tripod and parabolic microphone holder for stationary operation
  • top-quality acoustics and electronics, with increased sensitivity
  • audio recording encryption and password protection
  • a special, encrypted laptop for secure storage of digital voice recordings
  • easy-to-use audio post-processing software to enhance and improve audio signal and quality of recordings

System comes complete with a full suite of accessories, including a dedicated digital voice recording monitoring and listening system, allowing both real time monitoring and recording.


  • fully transparent 20″ parabolic dish (disappears over a distance, thus making microphone operation virtually invisible)
  • 20Hz-20Khz frequency response
  • highly directional capture pattern
  • WAV or MP3 recording up to a stunning 24 bit – 96Khz sampling (that is double CD quality!) for WAV file format
  • audio file encryption for confidential use during important investigations
  • passcode protection to prevent unauthorized usage
  • removable SD card memory
  • fully embedded parabolic microphone system with enhanced ergonomics and no need for bulky/external power feeding source
  • UBS 2.0 computer integration with digital voice file transfer and editing
  • up to 2-3 hours of full system power and continuous recording on a single set of 4 ordinary AA-type batteries
  • supports the use of AA-type rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries
  • external mains power feeding through DC adapter (DC adapter optionally available upon request)
  • external rechargeable hi-stamina battery pack power supply (optionally available upon request)
  • double display LCD display + separate easy-to-read LED audio level meter
  • fully portable or stationary (thanks to the included professional tripod) operation
  • computer-assisted (laptop included) SPECTRADOME Audio Station for audio recording files post processing, enhancing and editing
  • two IP67 carrying cases

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 61 × 54 × 50 cm


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